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THIS IS RED converted the former St. Michael's Slovakian Roman Catholic church into 20,000 sq feet of office, exhibition and event space.


The rose window

rose window.jpg

The four sections of the  rose window depict sculptures of the four gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. A winged creature with the face of a man at the top of the window represents Matthew who begins his gospel by voicing the human descent of our Lord. At the bottom of the window is the winged creature with the head of an ox, the animal of sacrifice, because he gives a full account of the sacrifice of Jesus.  At the right, a winged lion represents Mark whose gospel begins with, “the voice of one crying in the wilderness.”  This proclamation suggests the mighty roar of a lion.  The eagle at the left represents John, because that gospel soars as on eagle’s wings to the very throne of heaven.


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Aqua vitae

We've repurposed and up-cycled as many materials as we can while creating new functional spaces, including marble, transoms and beautiful 100 year old oak wood.


The Knave

Based on the architectural design of a traditional Roman basilica where the main aisle and baptistry are in the middle and the ambulatories contain the Gospel and Epistle aisles.


The Cinema

Storytelling and experience is essential at THIS IS RED, so to create the best we need to preview and create in the best environment.


A presentation like no other

Even the original Brinkerhoff piano from 1907 gains a new life in our space. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, party time or anytime makes for an event space like nothing you’ve ever seen before.


The grotto


An indoor grotto (a rarity in these parts) features a huge mural of the miracle at Lourdes and real faux stalagtites at the top of the stone altar.



The Lower Level


The lower floor of the space holds the general office and meeting space, as well as a large shoot space, commissary, workshop and water closets.


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